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Massage therapy in dogs is a non-invasive form with the goals of improving a dog's mobility and comfort and providing pain relief for muscular injury. Canine massage therapy is commonly used for dogs with orthopedic issues, sporting dogs that have athletic injuries, and senior dogs that have lost a wide range of mobility due to the natural aging process. 

Massage therapy in dogs will not cure a dog of any ailment, but will improve the dog's mobility and relieve pain. The level of efficacy massage therapy has on a dog depends on the condition he or she is affected with, as well as the form of therapy the dog receives.

Massage therapy in dogs is a form of recovery in itself, providing rehabilitation needs to canines. Each therapeutic session will last approximately 30 minutes to an hour, but it may take several sessions before the dog will show sign of improvement. Lifelong conditions that are affecting your dog, such as arthritis , will never fully recover but massage therapy can improve your dog's quality of life.

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